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             Sapaya Body Cream is developed from a harmony of organic oils and plant derivatives which nourish and rejuvenate skin...



About Us

Sapaya Honest and natural skin care, skin treatment and spa products


          Sapaya is committed to providing honest and natural skin care, skin treatment and spa products that can be used with confidence for a lifetime.  At Sapaya we are dedicated to an ethical manufacturing philosophy that refutes all unnatural ingredients.  Our products are blended from 100% pure essential oils derived from botanical sources and other all natural ingredients, many of which are organic.   Sapaya takes a holistic approach to developing skin care, skin treatment and spa products that enrich both body and mind.
          Sapaya is a boutique brand, pleased to introduce our new line of products that boast unique and original fragrances, colors and benefits.   We blend our essential oils ourselves, our base is homemade, an approach that defines our products as one of a kind.  While it can be argued that our products are altogether original and distinct.  It is this homespun approach that makes our products truly special.
          Sapaya is a Thai brand that produces products of a European and Japanese standard.  Sapaya is a Balinese word that means to relax.  The Thai word for relax is sabaai, a loan word derived from the Balinese.  Our products promote relaxation of the body and mind, while functioning to cleanse, purify and protect your skin.
          Honesty is the best policy, especially when it results in a superior product.   Our products contain no chemicals, no alcohol, no preservatives and no added color—components that have been repeatedly proven to damage skin with prolonged use.  Our products are free of commonly used, pore-blocking components such as silicone, petroleum or aluminum.  Nor do we include SLS or SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium lauryl ester sulfate) in any of our blends.   
          Sapaya is firmly against animal testing, a stance that is a breeze to maintain as our products contain no potentially harmful ingredients to begin with.  

          The Sapaya  philosophy is defined by our commitment to providing salubrious skin care, skin treatment and spa products that that contain nothing harmful to your well-being—trustworthy products that can be used without apprehension or doubt, healthful products that you can feel good about having in your home.