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             Sapaya Body Cream is developed from a harmony of organic oils and plant derivatives which nourish and rejuvenate skin...



SAPAYA Purified Water Essence
SAPAYA Purified Water Essence

           Sapaya Purified Water Essence is a mild, purifying alcohol-free toner that combines plant derivatives with selected ingredients to protect skin from oxidative stress, air pollution, free radicals and dust adhesion.  Certain properties regulate and retain skin moisture, while antimicrobial and exfoliating elements protect and smooth the skin.  Moringa extract is a vital element of Sapaya Purified Water Essence, contributing protective components that prevent harmful skin contamination.  Willow bark extracts provides antimicrobial and exfoliating cell renewal, while malachite, a stone extract, contributes antioxidant and detoxifying action.  Malachite is also the component that gives Sapaya Purified Water Essence its lustrous color as there are no synthetic colors added. 

          Sapaya Purified Water Essence is a form of preventative skin care that is ideal for daily use.  Restorative and resilient, it helps maintain a pure and fresh complexion.