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             Sapaya Body Cream is developed from a harmony of organic oils and plant derivatives which nourish and rejuvenate skin...



SAPAYA Shower Gels
SAPAYA Shower Gels

          Sapaya shower gels consist of mild, natural cleansing agents - ingredients that respect the skin's natural balance while hydrating, moisturizing and protecting against air impurities. Like all Sapaya products, our shower gels are chemical-free, contain no preservatives or synthetic fragrances and are in part comprised of organic constituents.
Sapaya's distinctive fragrances are uplifting, holistic and restorative. We care as much about your wellbeing as we do your aromatic appeal.

          Suitable for all skin types our shower gels are mild but effective, blended from 100% pure essential oils derived from botanic sources which leave skin hydrated and moisturized. Our blends include moringa extracts, renowned for anti-pollution properties that protect your skin from oxidative stress and prevent dust adhesion so your skin stays fresh and pure throughout the day.

Ginger Blossom Shower Gel
          The rich, penetrating aroma of ginger stimulates and revives senses while herbal and fruit derivatives impart a refreshing sensation. A balanced blend of 100% pure essential oils, the benefits of Ginger Blossom Shower Gel are long lasting, leaving skin silky soft throughout the day. Juniper protects the skin while clove extracts anti-oxidize and lime derivatives refresh. The redolence of ginger soothes nervous tension and exhaustion - an impeccable way to begin or end a hectic day.

Green Fresh Shower Gel
          Take a meditative moment before a busy day with Green Fresh Shower Gel, a soothing and rejuvenating blend of six herbal and aromatic 100% pure essential oils that allows you to maintain feelings of calm as you take on your daily tasks. This carefully selected fusion balances the restorative and purifying qualities of frankincense and lavender with reviving herbal extracts to produce feelings of inner peace that relax and refresh both body and mind.  Green Fresh Shower Gel has a mellow, floral fragrance with a woody hint that penetrates the senses like breathing fresh air in a green forest. Green Fresh Shower Gel is suitable for all skin types with resilient effects that leave your skin smooth and protected throughout the day.

Oriental Bouquet Shower Gel
         Cleanse and elevate each morning with Oriental Bouquet Shower Gel, an exotic blend of seven 100% pure essential oils that ease stress and relax the nervous system to create a daily sense of well-being. The essential oils are derived from flowers and herbs that are famed for their de-stressing properties. Geranium Rose and Rosewood extracts promote tranquil feelings and contribute a rosy hint to the gel's fragrance, which is blossomy and voluptuous with a glimmer of vanilla like sweetness.

Sapaya Shower Gel - Unscented for Babies and Sensitive Skin
          So mild that it is ideal for washing infants, Sapaya Shower Gel is designed specifically for the most sensitive skin. Natural cleansing agents derived from plant and fruit sources such as coconut, sugar beet and moringa equilibrate to produce a superior and immaculately pure moisturizer that keeps skin protected, hydrated and satiny throughout the day.